Where can I sell construction equipment?


Perhaps you have inherited some equipment for which you have no use, or you are closing down a storage facility and are no longer needing heavy equipment that once was necessary or you have upgraded a piece of equipment and no longer need the one it replaced. There are companies ready and willing to buy these pieces from you. Being prepared for the process will help calm your nerves. You want a good price for your items and as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Whether it’s a compactor or a front-end loader, the process is similar when finding a place to re-home it. Where do you begin A private buyer or company are oftentimes ideal as they will organize picking it up, cleaning it and then reselling. Your job is to find a trustworthy individual or a reputable company to work with quickly and efficiently. 

You want someone who is knowledgeable on current industry standards, needed repairs and the appraisal process so you might choose a company that deals with used equipment exclusively. How will you prefer for inspections to be conducted by potential purchasers? You might like the option of face-timing with the potential buyer with your phone or perhaps an on- site visit would be more to your liking. A well-established company will minimize your risk since you will know they type of transaction is something they do literally every day!

You short list should include Equipment Buyers USA. This is certainly their area of expertise as they have been buying heavy equipment since 1954. This means they have most certainly seen it ALL! They have multiple buying options from paying you cash outright or selling it on consignment for you. They can even quote, pay for, and haul off equipment that is not even running. They should definitely be on your short list of folks to reach out to when wanting to sell your construction equipment.