Who Buys Heavy Equipment?


There are two main groups that will buy a piece of heavy equipment. Depending on exactly what it is, let’s take for example a piece of specific farming equipment, you may find an individual who is looking for a solid used upgrade to what they currently own. If you have excellent maintenance records, are willing to deal with appraisals and consider possible payment options, this may be a viable option. However, if you have a piece used traditionally by a large construction company or you are simply looking to sell your equipment quickly with the least amount of hassle necessary, working with a company may be your best bet.

 You may also want to take into consideration the time of year you may receive a better price for your piece. If it is the middle of a scorching hot summer, there will not be much demand for snowplows. The converse is true that in the middle of a winter with sub-freezing temperatures, the interest in 

a farming seeder may be nonexistent. Of course, time may not be a luxury you have, and if moving forward in confidence with a buyer is your goal, consider a company with longevity in this industry.

Equipment Buyers USA have been around a long time and will know make and models, performance expectations, retail value and perhaps most importantly, will have the ability to take possession of it with their own transportation options. If you want a face to face appraisal, they will come and do so. Additionally, if you would prefer you can face-time one of their evaluators and discuss details as you walk around the machinery and answer all their questions. They have been in this industry since 1954 and they have seen pieces that range from pristine shape with high resale value all the way down to broken non-running aging pieces that are literally only good for parts or scrap metal.

Working with them is straightforward experience. They are able to pay you for the piece of appraised equipment outright or sell it on consignment for you. Contact them today to determine which of these would be best for your situation.