Who Buys Forklifts?

With the current global mindset of reduce, reuse and recycle, it only makes sense to properly sell your forklift instead of trashing it when you no longer have a need for it. You may have gotten lots of good use out of it and in needs some repairs or refurbishment before being sold to another owner. Perhaps it is run down or maybe not even running and may only been salvageable for parts. Maybe your business venture took you in a different direction and you no longer need the forklift, but manufacturers rarely buy back used items. So, what do you do with a forklift?

You need a company with a team that knows this industry of heavy equipment inside and out. You will want them to come to you, appraise your piece and make an honest bid. Equipment Buyers USA have just that type of team. You probably do not have a ton of time to set appointments for individual buyers or wait around for them to show up. Equipment Buyers have the resources to not only appraise your forklift, but they can arrange for transportation once the transaction is complete. They can also pay you top dollar outright or sell it on consignment if that is a route you would like to pursue.

If you are comfortable with someone from their team coming to your location, they can appraise it that way. If not, you can face-time their appraiser while answering questions and showing details all the way around and inside your forklift. Equipment Buyers have been in business since 1954 so they have most certainly seen forklifts in varying degrees of condition and can advice the best way to move forward. You want a solid return on your investment, and you want to deal with someone who has been around long enough to give you a fair shake while knowing what they are talking about.

No matter the make or model or age or condition of your forklift, there is someone out there who would benefit from a used purchase to start a business or grow one. So, don’t let that forklift take up space in your business any longer. Call Equipment Buyers today!