Who Buys Skid Steers?


Ah, perhaps the most versatile piece of mid-sized heavy machinery on the market, the skid steer is also referred to as a skid steer loader or a skidsteer. Its durable steel frame and powerful engine can accomplish many tasks. This is, in no small part, due to the fact that it has multiple attachments that can be connected to its arms to accomplish a myriad of different tasks. Typically, it comes with a bucket for ease of moving things around.

Equipment Buyers USA will purchase a used skid steer directly from you. No middleman, no commissions charged. They have been in the heavy equipment resale market since 1954 and have literally seen it all! They know all the details that are often overlooked, they have experience with refurbishing and better yet, they can identify the real value in your items.

Now that you know Equipment Buyers USA will buy your skid steer, the next step in the process is the appraisal. They can come to your location and physically walk around and give you feedback on the spot, often including a price quote. If you need to conduct the appraisal virtually, they can call you

 and their evaluator will talk to you through a face-time connection so they can see all the parts of your piece of machinery, allowing you to answer any questions they may have regarding maintenance or usage.

Through their vast network of locations and heavy machinery items both for construction and agriculture use, they will be able to refurbish your skid steer for a buyer looking for a used one or strip it down for parts if it is no longer running or is not a candidate for major repairs. This is really the responsible thing to do as recycling of large items is of benefit to our entire world no matter where you live.

At this point, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, so call Equipment Buyers USA today!